Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What's hiding around the corner?

Well well well. Just what I expected. A bunch of pages of pictures and ads that you can click on. It has information on how to complete offers to receive "credit". Great. BUT...I'm still continuing my quest of marking these offers as Spam or Safe. So the site told me that I had to complete one offer to continue. Sounded easy enough. I browsed through all of the offers and I found the easiest and cheapest one. It was one from I think it's really interesting that companies such as Blockbuster, Netflix, and other big-name-brands are advertised on this site. I think that fact contributes to this possibly not being spam, as most of the larger companies wouldn't partner up with spammy sites.
In the next post I'll see how if I can complete this "offer" and what comes next...

Taking the plunge

Ok. After breakfast today I decided to "take the plunge". I did a lot of searching on Google and I found a site that seems as spam free and safe as possible. I registered with my Email Address (Gmail! It's the best!) and then the site asked me for my information. The site seems "trusty" enough so I put all my info in. It then asked me If I wanted a "Referral Account" or a "Points Account". Hmm....I did a little research and I think that the "Referral Account" is where I have to Refer people or something to get the "free" iPhone.

Welcome to the ride!

Welcome! It seems like on every forum and Myspace out there people are talking about getting a free iPhone from some site or another. Lots of people say it's a scam, but then there are a lot of others who say that they've done it. I'm starting this blog to see if all of those "free iPhone" rumors are true. I'm going to sign up for one of the free iPhone sites and see if it actually works. So basically...yes, I am a Guinea Pig! Stay tuned as I try this out.